A beautiful snowy day at Brows....
Video & Editing         || Jayde Alexius Silbernagel
Makeup by Brows     || Amber Jordan David Dinsmore Michelle Dinsmore
Hair                           || Dana Sova for Alchemy & Reverie
                                     Maria Chavez for Wyandot Beauty & Wellness
 Models                     || Alex Terranova
                                    Amanda Taylor
                                    Caleb Andrew Ward
                                    Carlos Melendez
                                    Claudine Buchanan
                                    Esther Winner
                                    Kimi Most
                                    Kornbread Witta-K
                                    James Kern
                                    Sequoia Keith
                                    Tatum Isabel

Service Series

Any services we offer at Brows can be made into a service series.
The formula is:
 Half Year
     buy 5 get 1 free

Full Year
     buy 10 get 2 free
 Save money and check out faster!
Combined with pre-booking appointments,
make your regularly scheduled "maintenance' all the easier.
Series also make incredible gifts! 

(Did you know we can email you a PDF to print of any Gift Certificate?  Just call)
The first service can be used at the time of purchase. 
Call 720-855-3021 or come in to purchase a series.....

Brows Stylist Levels

What do the different levels mean?

At Brows we hire natural talent.

All Brows' stylists are licensed by the state of Colorado.

We guarantee they are safe, clean, and skilled.

Brows' service level numbers lets a client know how experienced their designer is.
The higher the number the more services they have performed at Brows.

We are a small shop, we don't have much turnover, so we aren't throwing anyone on the floor before they are ready.

The bottom line is that at Brows our Level One stylists have already proven themselves to provide an above average service.

Question: Be Honest. Will a Level One designer screw up my Brows?

Answer:  NO.  A Level One Designer will give you a wonderful service. We use models during a training process for them to get used to our wax.  You may find their schedule to have more availability, and you will get in on the ground floor with them, and help them to discover their signature style.

Question:  Be Honest.  Is it worth it to pay for a Level Higher than a One?

Answer:  YES.  They have a loyal following for a reason.  Every person has unique challenges in their hair growth patterns, skin type, style and these stylists have seen it all.  If you have brow dreams that seem beyond reach, you may find your solutions in the capable hands of these stylists.

The Brows Trifecta

Craft: skill with tools. removing hair with minimal skin irritation. neatness. consistency. efficiency.
Design: the ability to create a flattering hair arrangement be it brows, bikini. or mane.....
Artistry: finding the magic that makes us all go wow!

Hair||DanaSova and MariaChavez

The Gift of Good Brows

Our online booking services allows you to purchase and receive Gift Cards or Gift Certificates any time of day or night.

Just log in at the "BOOK ONLINE NOW" link as usual, and click on Gift Card or Gift Certificate.

Gift Cards will be sent by Mail.
You can have it mailed to yourself or anywhere else in the continental US.

Gift Certificates will be immediately delivered by email for you to print, or emailed directly to the recipient.
(last minute gift = win!)

Credit for gift cards and certificates are redeemable for services and products.

These are great for gift giving, but also good for yourself to prepay your services.
Simply purchase a gift card for yourself and it will show up on your transaction window.
No waiting for credit card processing time at the counter.

Urgent issues or suggestions?

Online Booking Challenges?

If you need to cancel a service, please call us at 720-855-3021.
It is fine to leave a message at any hour ;-)

If you are looking for brow or lash tinting, and have been in before,
just book the patch test service and make a note that
you have already signed a release and this is an actual tinting service.

If your password is not working, make sure you did not cut and paste any extra characters.
We recommend trying it three times only highlighting the actual characters, and no spaces.
Please change your password on your first successful login.

If you feel you aren't getting the time you want, try reducing the number of stylists to search. Please call us at 720-855-3021 to see if we can get you a more convenient time.

If this information doesn't fix the problem,
please send a description to browsowner@gmail.com

We appreciate the information, so we can fix any bugs!

Bikini Waxing

We stay busy at Brows all year keeping bikini lines clean and smooth.
4 different waxes plus Sugar for "sticky" situations,
and an obsession with finding the best techniques means you will get what's right for you.
There is no one most popular shape, we see the full range.

As for clean, we have high standards.

The Brow's rules:

We don't double dip sticks
Keep separate wax pots for body and facial waxing
Apply Finipil afterward to reduce chance of infection
Our wax is held at the proper temperature
Wax pots are kept clean

What can you do to reduce chance of irritation, ingrown, and infection?

Start exfoliating at home.
Stop shaving at least 10 days before appointment.
Long hairs can be trimmed, but not too short, leave at least 1/2".

Visit the restroom upstairs before your appointment.
Freshen up with the wipes we provide to
reduce the number of bacteria and
contaminants on the surface of the skin.
Ask your waxer questions about
how to take care of your skin afterward.

Follow your instructions,
Exfoliation will help prevent ingrown hairs.
Salt soaks in the bath help too.
Apply Finipil and PFB as recommended.

Come in regularly for best results.