Henna And Brow Tinting for Effortless Brow Confidence

We have all heard the term, "Wake up with Makeup"- but it usually means permanent makeup- some form of tattooing or microblading. If you want to save some time off of the morning routine, we recommend the Lash Lift and Tint along with an Eyebrow Tinting or Henna. 
Bridget applying ellebana henna with expert mapping
to achieve "tattoo effect"

Brow Colouring Benefits

  • reinforces dream brow shape
  • use the art of the color story for amazing brows
  • makes thin, washed out, or see-through brows more visible so they can be an important part of dream brow shape
  • potential to take the place of daily powder or pencil
  • potential to make it easier to find the lines of dream brows your artist designed for you
  • blends patchy areas to reduce 'growing out my brows' anxiety
  • adds texture to wispy hairs for stronger statement and fluffier brows

Tint, Henna, or Ellebana Brow Henna with Tattoo Effect?

Lash and Brow Tint

  • gentle tube-color, activated with low volume creamy peroxide developer to open hair shaft before depositing plant and aniline dyes
  • beautiful custom color range lasts 3-6 weeks on hairs
  • quick developing time 15-30 minute service

Plant Brow Henna

  • pure whole plant powders activated with plain water stains the hair shaft and skin with plant colorants
  • provides options for those who have decided against hair color for health reasons
  • quick to apply (15 minutes) but the longer it is left on, the more color is deposited, we recommend wearing it home overnight and rinsing it in the morning

New Ellebana Brow Henna with "Tattoo" Effect

  • blend of aniline and henna powder activated with the ellebana 'aqua' (water plus conditioning agents) applied in desired brow shape to create "tattoo" effect on skin and long lasting color on hair
  • "tattoo" effect on skin lasts 2-14 days, color on hairs lasts up to 6 weeks
  • moderate processing time means a 60 minute service, that includes expert mapping and brow shaping for the ultimate brow transformation service

We just want something that will last

We all want our new brow color to last forever....avoiding the 'color suckers' can help.  Color molecules are deposited on and in the hairshaft, what knocks them out?

we recommend avoiding:

  • getting the brows wet or apply any products or even oils from fingers for 24 hours
  • sun or tanning bed rays that bleach out color
  • exfoliating products on brows
  • acids, retin-a, retinols, etc on the forehead to migrate down into brows
  • oil-based makeup remover and cleaner

    Patch Testing and Safety

    Brows On Upper 15th requires a current, signed informed consent and release waiver for all tinting, henna, and chemical services.  We have a printed copy you can sign in salon,  or visit this link (Tinting Release Online Waiver Link).  

    Patch Tests Are Always Free

    a small amount of tint or henna is mixed and applied, allowed to sit on the skin and then rinsed off.  observations of how the skin reacts are made by the client over the next 24-72 hours.  reactions ranging from slight redness to severe allergic reaction would indicate that avoiding these services might be in your best interest.  your doctor is the best source of advice on sensitivities and allergies.  remember that the human body is a complicated system, and allergies or sensitivities can occur at any time, even if no reaction has occurred in the past. ingredient msgs sheets are available for client review on site.

    Call 720-855-3021 or visit Brows Online Booking to book these services