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Lash Lift and Tint for a More Relaxed Morning Routine

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We have all heard the term, "Wake up with Makeup"- but it usually means permanent makeup- some form of tattooing or microblading. If you want to save some time off of the morning routine, we recommend the Lash Lift and Tint along with an Eyebrow Tinting or Henna.  

Lash Lift and Tint

The eyelash arms race is at an all time high, which means we can feel naked with normal human size lashes, but lash extensions and strip lashes aren't for all of us, due to budget, time, and even our side sleeping habits, that wreck those beauties.  If daily 30 Minute Lashes don't fit your pre coffee routine, with primers, curlers and strategic layers of multiple mascaras, getting into a 4-6 week groove with Lash Lift and Tint can give you a little more time with your cozy bed in the morning.  Apply Revitalash or Revitabrow (same formula, only the applicator is different) to lash and brow nightly, and wake up -- ready to go.  

The appointment takes about an hour, and is very relaxing.  Lay back in our sunny studio, let your lash and brow artist pet your lashes for a bit, arranging them on a small rod, with a bit of adhesive to secure the perfect flare.  Once secure, a quick single shot of Ellebana Lash Solution followed by the soothing neutralizer leaves the lashes curled, lifted and ready to absorb the deepest black tint down into the deeper layers of the lash hairs.   Remember, when you buy RevitaBrow from us here at Brows, your full price purchase banks enough Caterpillar Reward Points to redeem a discount on your very next service or products!

Lash Tinting also gives amazing results even without a the Lift portion of the service and only takes 15-30 minutes.  Combined with a brow tint, it is easy to achieve a polished look with very little effort.

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For best results:

  • read our Lash Lift Informed Consent and Waiver closely and sign it electronically before your visit
  • chat with your lash and brow artist first to see if there are any contraindications (conditions that mean the service isn't a good fit for you) Some examples might be recent eye surgery, or the care of an eye doctor for any current eye conditions.  Please alert us if you are using any type of eyedrops.  Your doctor is the best source of advice for the suitability of these services for you.  Certain medications and individual hormone balance can affect the curl as well.  We can cover these questions with you as we prepare for the service, but we really recommend coming in for a Lash Lift and Tint Patch Test and Consult at least 24 hours before your service.
  • remove all eye makeup and mascara before your visit. or arrive early; we can dispense some of our Gentle EyeMakeup Remover for you to freshen up before your appointment time. 
  • remove contact lenses - bring eyeglasses or arrange for a ride home?
  • condition your lashes with Katari Hoba and/or Revitabrow for at least 30 days after removing lash extensions,  before your Lash Lift to build up lash health and ensure that all traces of extension adhesive has been shed.
  • let your fresh Lash Lift set and cure for 24 Hours
    • hands off - let that curl set
    • avoid water, steam, any moisture- (no crying at the movies even?)
    • avoid mascara, cleansers, serums
    • avoid workouts, sweating, tanning sessions (bulb or spray)
  • for pro level after care, we have heard longer lasting curl comes from leaving those lashes alone for a full week- no makeup, no drenching, no rubbing- 
  • be advised that curl results can vary, and are not guaranteed, especially on the first visit as we get to know your lashes and lifestyle
  • wait 6 months after any eye area surgery or procedure before Lash Lift
  • schedule your maintenance visits every 4-6 weeks.  (buying a series is buy 5 get one free)    you can prebook standing appointments for amazing results year round.