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Brows Denver

Finding Your Brow Sweet Spot

When you come in for your first visit, our first step is to make sure you feel comfortable here and have what you need.  Relax on a couch and check out the view from our 130 year old historic picture


Your stylist will bring you over to their cozy station and get to know you and your brows.  It is a wonderful start if you are already wearing them the way you like them best.  No makeup at all, or a full makeup fill,  we want to see what you usually do.   We have gentle makeup removers and Katari Rose Water to remove makeup and prep the skin to see what you are working with after we learn your daily look.

During the consultation we will see what you like, what you may not like, and let you know what we see.  How your brows grow, texture, color, shape.  We will map the shape so you can see what we see before we ever pick up the tweezers.

Have you broken out from wax before? 

We have lots of remedies for that, finish up with some salt water, baking soda, or even a Katari Clay mask before you go.

How much time do you want to spend on your brows daily?  Maybe you want to tint or henna the shape for a temporary tattoo effect.

Do you use Retin A, Accutane or other skin meds?  Maybe we should thread or tweeze, while avoiding wax.

Are you looking for a "get up and go, no makeup look?" Add on a Lash Lift and Tint to the Brow Henna and shaping.

Do we need to do a quick lip wax while you are here?

Going back to work?  Let's finish with a 5 min makeup touchup with Redness Relief Powder to cool the skin and reduce any redness.  While we are there let's see if you need a brow fill lesson, or just a new micro pencil to make baby hairline strokes, or a Brow Quad for super fluffy or Ombre Brows.

We have questions, to help you find your answers.
Meet your new Brow Guru