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Brows Denver

Bikini Waxing

We stay busy at Brows all year keeping bikini lines clean and smooth.
4 different waxes plus Sugar for even the "stickiest" situations,
and an obsession with finding the best techniques means you will get what's right for you.
There is no one most popular shape, we see the full range.

As for clean, we have high standards.

The Brow's rules:

We don't double dip sticks
Keep separate wax pots for body and facial waxing
Apply Finipil afterward to reduce chance of infection
Our wax is held at the proper temperature
Wax pots are kept clean

What can you do to reduce chance of irritation, ingrown, and infection?

Start exfoliating at home.
Stop shaving at least 10 days before appointment.
Long hairs can be trimmed, but not too short, leave at least 1/2".

Visit the restroom upstairs before your appointment.
Freshen up with the wipes we provide to
reduce the number of bacteria and
contaminants on the surface of the skin.
Ask your waxer questions about
how to take care of your skin afterward.

Follow your instructions,
Exfoliation will help prevent ingrown hairs.
Salt soaks in the bath help too.
Apply Finipil and PFB as recommended.

Come in regularly for best results.