Microblading at Brows

Note From Brows Co-Owner,

Michelle Dinsmore

I am pleased to announce that I found lovely studio to practice and focus on microblading about 15 minutes North of Brows On Upper 15th.  It is a straight shot North on I-25 right at the 104th Avenue Exit.  (10620 Melody Drive F-107, Northglenn Marketplace, 80234)
We will be doing all actual Microblading Services there as we work on building a Microblading Room at Brows On Upper 15th in Denver's Lower Highlands.  Consultations can happen in Northglenn or Denver.  Microblading procedures all happen in our specialized studio in Northglenn until we build out a room in Denver.

If you are interested in learning more about Microblading in General, Decide if Microblading is right for you, and seeing if Michelle is the right Microblader for you, you can book a

"Microblading Consult & Optional Shaping" 60 minutes, $30
We will take pictures, look at pictures, answer all your questions, talk about medical contraindications, requirements for pre-procedure, good aftercare and healing process, as well as make a brow plan for you (spoiler: some clients find out they can have their dream brows without taking the next step to face tattoo)...If you want to we will also wax, thread, or tweeze to get you along the road to your dream brows.  You will come away from this appointment with some brow photos that I can text you, lots of education, a game plan, an appointment for Microblading with Michelle, or a recommendation for another permanent makeup artist that matches your style and skin type.  This is not a "sales" appointment, designed to only talk you into microblading with me, rather it is a chance to get all the information you need to make an informed decision, since facial tattooing permanently alters the skin.

If you want to "Test Drive" a bolder brow, sign up for

"Microblading Consult, Map, & Henna Brows with Shaping" 60 minutes, $50
It is like the appointment above, PLUS I text you pictures of your "Brow Map" and we apply the henna in the proposed shape- a "powder tattoo effect" that lasts 2-14 days, so you can see what it is like to wake up with bolder brows!

More info from Michelle's Blog:
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