Online Booking Challenges?

If you need to cancel a service, please call us at 720-855-3021.
It is fine to leave a message at any hour ;-)

If you are looking for brow or lash tinting, and have been in before,
just book the patch test service and make a note that
you have already signed a release and this is an actual tinting service.

If your password is not working, make sure you did not cut and paste any extra characters.
We recommend trying it three times only highlighting the actual characters, and no spaces.
Please change your password on your first successful login.

If you feel you aren't getting the time you want, try reducing the number of stylists to search. Please call us at 720-855-3021 to see if we can get you a more convenient time.

If this information doesn't fix the problem,
please send a description to

We appreciate the information, so we can fix any bugs!