Mar 6, 2015

Facial Detailing

My car has this sticky, dirty film on it right now. I look around and I notice that most cars do. I have to admit that my face feels the same way. As an esthetician I know just how to take care of it. Logic says its time to exfoliate. But I know if I just increase exfoliation, removing that layer of protection leaves me susceptible to dehydration from the harsh winds. If I just layer on the thick moisturizer that sticky, waxy feeling gets worse. And then the breakouts and bumpies get worse.

The answer is balance. When approaching these challenges in a facial treatment, I like to spend the first portion creating a big soupy, scrubby mess. It lets the skin balance in terms of moisture level, provides oil to loosen impacted pores, lifts dead skin cells so I can catch the edge and gently urge those flakes off the face! When I finally rinse it off, I'm left with a soft even surface to work with, as opposed to a hard polished surface that is closed to further nourishment.

Then I go into nurture mode. The skin tells me what it wants. It may even want more cleansing. Whatever it wants, it gets. Usually it wants a nice nurturing massage. The muscles and connective tissues usually call out for a little attention here too. Ears also call out for a little attention. Who knew that those lobes could get so tense!

The last portion is about fortification. I don't want to send this sweet relaxed face back out into the world, but it is our destiny. We can't hide in the facial room forever! Again, the skin lets me know what kind of help it needs. Maybe some clay, maybe honey, aloe, oatmeal, cranberry. Chocolate, soy, lavender? Whatever it craves, it gets!! Each of these generous gifts from outside brings a special quality to the skin in a finishing mask. We aim for luminosity, satin texture, and even tone.

If you need a quick facial detailing, I would book a Balancing Boost Facial.
If you want to go a little deeper, or really need/want extractions, book a Classic Facial.
For the best of all worlds book Colorado Climate Cure Facial

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