Oct 11, 2005

Which Facial?


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Colorado Climate Cure
(90 min)
90 minutes of treatment
FOCUS: enough time for extra masks to cure what ails you, LOTS of hydration and massage. Michelle's favorite facial to give because we can do an exfoliating mask, a treatment mask, and a finishing mask for that extra glow.

(60 min)

the classic facial.
because it is perfect.
always customized to your specific needs.
deep cleansing, refining, extractions (optional), massage, mask, time to zone out.
you will see an immediate and lasting improvement in your skin's condition.
if you repeat the treatment within six weeks you will see a cumulative effect.
Change into a comfy wrap, tuck into bed, and extra massage for the spa touch.

Stop Freaking Out
(60 min)

red flaky skin, weird bumps, giant red pimple on your nose.
we've all been there.
you don't have to cancel that meeting!
brows can help.
put our number in your wallet and give us a call when you need a skin friend.
we can calm you down, clean you up, and send you back out into the world with a new outlook.
Basically the Classic Facial, but its like calling it in on 911...

(45 min)

if you are worrying about black heads and clogged pores, this is the easy choice.
we use all the tools and knowledge we have to coax those little puppies to come out of the skin.
one treatment may do it, you may need a series, but along with proper home care we can manage the situation!
No changing clothes, no extra massage, you may leave looking a little pink, but you will feel clean and refreshed.

(45 min)

good for rough, dry, sundamaged, or fine lines skin.
it is the wrinkle fighter.
our answer to microdermabrasion.
you will leave feeling super smooth, deeply hydrated and totally refreshed.
No changing clothes, no steam, just plump, dewey skin.

Balancing Boost
(30 min)

perfect for sensitive skin or if you are worried that a facial could make you break out.
(good for brides)
a quick boost for the face and your mood.
a nice balance of cleansing, light exfoliation, massage, hydration, and treatment mask.
the treatments are stress relivers and always geared to your specific skin condition and mood.
No changing clothes, no extra massage, no steam, just happier skin.

(15 min)

cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate.
a perfect prep for makeup, or a nice treat to turn your day around.
great complement to facial waxing.
No changing clothes, no extra massage, just a nice treat.

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