Oct 1, 2005

Eyebrow Help

there is so much to say about brow design, how to pick the perfect shape, the best way to get rid of unwanted hairs.

let's start with the tools you can use at home to boost your eyebrow confidence.

WILD CATERPILLAR BROWS: regular shapings with a little brow haircut will help a lot. just like cutting curly hair, wild eyebrows need to be trimmed carefully to avoid an even worse situation. if you must trim at home, please pick up one hair at a time and cut at the roundest part of the curve with teeny scissors. if you decide to tweeze at home, please be cautious to leave those little "fan-shape" brows near the nose. even though they look crazy, bald skin there looks worse. i promise to tame them for you. also avoid tweezing a round arch over your pupil. the arch should be over the outside white part of your eye. BROW GEL is your friend. it will tame those hairs, and our new formulas aren't stiff or sticky.

SEE THROUGH BROWS: please don't be scared of shaping. it is hard to believe, but when we define the shape by removing the superfluous hairs your brows will look stronger. BROW TINT is a tinted wax you can apply to the hairs to make them show up without the "painted on" look. it comes in a little mascara wand that is easy to use. another option is to use the bristles of a stiff BROW BRUSH to comb a little BROW POWDER in. you can use the narrow edge of a smaller BROW BRUSH to give ultra-definition if desired. BROW GEL applied before the powder adds a little substance and luster to baby fine hairs....

BARE SPOTS OR SCARS: almost all people seem to experience a little brow bald spot at one time or another. hormones, stress, medication and more can cause hair to fall out. i've seen a lot of "swing-set" scars from taking a swing to the browbone. it saves your eye, but messes with dreams of super-model eyebrows. regardless of the cause, it is simple to camouflaged those spots. if the spot is inside the brow shape, our WATERPROOF EYEBROW PENCIL will be easy-cheesy. it doesn't smudge, always stays sharp, no problem. if the spot cuts into the perimeter of the brow, BROW POWDER is generally the better choice. using a narrow edge of a small or soft BROW BRUSH, build color into the outline of the brow extending past the bare spot. if it is hard to build up enough color, apply PENCIL to simulate the substance of hair, then apply BROW POWDER over entire brow and pencil to blend it to a uniform appearance.

TOO THIN OR AWKWARD SHAPED: regular shapings can keep your brows looking good while they grow into their shape. i can use optical illusions to make a brow look longer, thicker, more arched, etc...the option that usually works best for bringing a more elegant shape is the 3CUSTOM COLOR BROW POWDER #6. it may be too dark for you, but it allows us to build a nice shape with the BROW BRUSH. used wet it won't budge. we will teach you how to apply your color to smooth out your shape. you may want a BROW STENCIL to help you learn where the arch belongs. i like to pick the stencil for each client individually because of face shape, brow length, etc...

Dealing with Hair Loss:
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