Apr 22, 2014

The Origins of Threading

Where did threading originate?
Threading is an ancient form of hair removal.  Many different cultures pass the technique down from mothers, aunties, and grandmothers.  Like most other beauty techniques like braiding, it is part of a rich oral and teaching tradition between women that we are lucky to be part of today.  
Threading is prevalent in the area I was taught to call the Middle East and Asia, definitely including Egypt, Persia, India, and... ? 
I feel it would be safe to deduce that the practice was taught one person at a time and spread out globally as the benefits were enjoyed by fuzzy ladies everywhere!  

The lack of written histories about the lives of women makes it difficult to pinpoint the originators of this amazing technique, but we owe a debt of thanks to the first woman who caught her arm hair in a spinning wheel, and noticed the bare spot looked kind of pretty!  

Let this be an invitation to anyone with historical information on the evolution of ancient beauty techniques to share them with me.  I dream of working as a shop girl in an ancient salon in Egypt or India, and see if I can hold my own! Oprah, fund my dream!!