Nov 11, 2015

A beautiful snowy day at Brows....
Video & Editing         || Jayde Alexius Silbernagel
Makeup by Brows     || Amber Jordan David Dinsmore Michelle Dinsmore
Hair                           || Dana Sova for Alchemy & Reverie
                                     Maria Chavez for Wyandot Beauty & Wellness
 Models                     || Alex Terranova
                                    Amanda Taylor
                                    Caleb Andrew Ward
                                    Carlos Melendez
                                    Claudine Buchanan
                                    Esther Winner
                                    Kimi Most
                                    Kornbread Witta-K
                                    James Kern
                                    Sequoia Keith
                                    Tatum Isabel

Nov 9, 2015

Brows Stylist Levels

What do the different levels mean?

At Brows we hire natural talent.

All Brows' stylists are licensed by the state of Colorado.

We guarantee they are safe, clean, and skilled.

Brows' service level numbers lets a client know how experienced their designer is.
The higher the number the more services they have performed at Brows.

We are a small shop, we don't have much turnover, so we aren't throwing anyone on the floor before they are ready.

The bottom line is that at Brows our Level One stylists have already proven themselves to provide an above average service.

Question: Be Honest. Will a Level One designer screw up my Brows?

Answer:  NO.  A Level One Designer will give you a wonderful service. We use models during a training process for them to get used to our wax.  You may find their schedule to have more availability, and you will get in on the ground floor with them, and help them to discover their signature style.

Question:  Be Honest.  Is it worth it to pay for a Level Higher than a One?

Answer:  YES.  They have a loyal following for a reason.  Every person has unique challenges in their hair growth patterns, skin type, style and these stylists have seen it all.  If you have brow dreams that seem beyond reach, you may find your solutions in the capable hands of these stylists.

The Brows Trifecta

Craft: skill with tools. removing hair with minimal skin irritation. neatness. consistency. efficiency.
Design: the ability to create a flattering hair arrangement be it brows, bikini. or mane.....
Artistry: finding the magic that makes us all go wow!

Nov 1, 2015

Printable Price List

Price List Sept 2014 .pdf